Depression Therapists in San Diego, CA

Depression is typically associated with feelings of unrelenting sadness and hopelessness, but a San Diego, CA, depression therapist may be able to help you work through your feelings and reclaim a healthy perspective. Dr. Gale is highly experienced and committed to providing excellent counseling services.

Dr. Gale is attentive and detail-oriented. She works hard to help you receive the therapy that you need, and aims to do so on a schedule that works for you. She provides counseling in a centrally located office, and she::

  • Offers no-cost consultations to new clients
  • Works with a variety of insurance companies
  • Aims to create a relaxing, comfortable atmosphere in her office

If you're in search of a friendly, compassionate San Diego, CA, depression therapist, choose to work with Dr. Gale. Get in touch  today to learn more about her services or to schedule your free initial consultation.


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