Clinical Psychology in San Diego, CA

Are you having trouble dealing with a particular issue or coping with a disturbing or traumatic event? Do you often walk around feeling sad, hopeless, or just plain out of sorts? Whether a specific problem is getting you down or you simply don't feel like yourself, Dr. Gale is available to help people just like you in San Diego, CA. As a local psychologist, Dr. Gale works with patients of all ages to help them overcome their issues and lead happier lives.

Talking Through What Bothers You

A psychologist like Dr. Gale may help you better understand what's bothering you and come up with ways to move past your issues. Whether you're looking for individual or group therapy, Dr. Gale will work with you to help you improve your outlook and regain hope. And as a patient, you'll benefit from Dr. Gale's:

  • Convenient office location and appointment scheduling
  • Warm, caring approach to therapy

Don’t suffer on your own when a psychologist like Dr. Gale may be able to help. Call today for more information or to schedule an appointment.


Clinical Psychologist