Substance Abuse Treatment in San Diego, CA

If alcohol or drug use is affecting your home life, career, or relationships, you may be in need of San Diego, CA, substance abuse treatment. Dr. Gale is committed to helping you understand the roots of your addiction and designing a therapy plan that promotes recovery.

Dr. Gale has a high level of experience, and takes a detail-oriented approach to substance abuse therapy. She's available during flexible, convenient office hours, and may even be able to offer you an evening appointment. Addiction counseling may include:

  • An analysis of the emotions associated with your addiction
  • An examination of the behavioral changes needed for recovery
  • A discussion of the reasons that you began using alcohol or drugs

If you're ready to begin recovering from the addiction problems that are plaguing you, consider getting San Diego, CA, substance abuse treatment from Dr. Gale. Contact her today to get your questions answered or to schedule an appointment.


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